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Tasty and healthy brown bag lunch ideas for people with diabetes

brown bag lunch ideas for people with diabetes

Packing a healthy lunch for work or school is one of the best ways you can trim your budget – and your waistline! Opt out of eating pricey, calorie-laden fast food and take 10 minutes the night before to pack a lunch that you'll look forward to and feel good about eating. Here are some brown bag lunch ideas for people with diabetes, or for anyone!

When you’re packing a healthy lunch, you’ll want to think about including all of the following components:

  • Vegetables – a leafy green salad, veggie sticks or cooked vegetables in a soup, stew or pasta
  • Fruit – fresh, canned (unsweetened), or dried
  • A grain product (whole grain or enriched) such as bread, tortilla wraps, bagels, buns, crackers, pasta, rice, muffins
  • A milk product or substitute – milk, yogurt, cheese, yogurt drink, or fortified soy beverage
  • Lean meat or a meat alternative – fish, poultry, egg, peanut butter, hummus or other legumes
Tips for making packed lunches easily and quickly

·       Enjoy leftover lunches based on the previous night’s dinner: the leftovers from a roasted chicken will make a perfect chicken sandwich the next day.

·       Fixing a batch of chili or a stew? Make it a big one, and freeze the leftovers in single-serving containers.

·       Think of fruits that require no or little preparation: throw an apple, orange or banana into your lunch box, and you’re good to go.

·       Bite-sized veggies – such as cherry tomatoes and baby carrots – require no preparation (beyond washing them!).

·       Pack thirst-quenching water in reusable water bottles, and leave them in the fridge – you can grab one as you’re packing lunch.

Here are some great ideas for a weeks’ worth of tasty, healthy brown bag lunches to keep you satisfied!

DayLunch idea
Monday·       Hummus with whole-grain crackers

·       Chopped red peppers, celery sticks and carrots

·       Banana

·       Glass of low-fat milk

Tuesday·       Garden salad with tomato, cucumber, and baby carrots, topped with grilled salmon

·       Orange

·       Low-fat yogurt

Wednesday·       Bowl of chili

·       Whole wheat bun

·       Cherry tomatoes and zucchini sticks

·       Glass of soy milk

·       Grapes

Thursday·       Salad with tuna, egg, green beans and tomatoes, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing

·       Whole grain crackers

·       Glass of low-fat milk

·       Berries

Friday·       Whole wheat pita, filled with lettuce and roast chicken

·       Light Caesar salad dressing

·       Baby carrots

·       Apple

·       Low-fat yogurt

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