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Diet and Fitness

diet and fitness
diet and fitness

Discover how a healthy diet and fitness routine can help people live well with diabetes. Get ideas about meal preparation, carb counting, weight management, and get motivated for exercise to help manage stress and feel great!

Healthy Diet

This section is focussed on meal preparation, nutrition planning and helping you navigate the grocery store!

meal preparation

Meal preparation

To start you off to find the meal plan that is right for you, we have compiled our top ten meal preparation tips.

nutrition planning

Nutrition planning

Nutrition planning is not only a healthy pursuit but it can also be fun. This section will help you set healthy eating goals. Learn more.



We have assembles a wide variety of tasty diabetes friendly recipes.  Get some great ideas for today’s meal plan now.

10 foods

10 foods to include in your grocery cart

There are many foods that you should eat more of. Fill your plate with these ten great food ideas and you’ll never be short of healthy ingredients.

navigate grocery store

Navigating the grocery store

Joanne Lewis, Certified Diabetes Educator and Dietitian, writes a series of articles providing some tips for making healthy choices at the grocery store. Learn more.

Physical Activity

The Physical Activity section is dedicated to providing information about types of exercises and overcoming common barriers to starting and maintaining an active lifestyle.

types of exercise

Types of exercise

Physical activity experts give us aerobic and resistance training ideas and explain how regular exercise will help maintain healthy target levels. Learn more here.

overcome barriers

Overcoming barriers

In this section we tackle the common obstacles that often get in the way of maintaining a regular physical fitness routine. Learn more.

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