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Dining out with diabetes

dining out with diabetes

Dining out with diabetes may seem a big challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. The occasional meal that is slightly off your healthy eating plan is fine; just try to balance it out over the course of the day with healthier offerings.

For more frequent dining out, a few tips can help those with diabetes stay on track. If possible, start by checking the menu before a visit. Many restaurants have websites with menus, and fast-food chains often include nutrition facts online.

Look for menu options that are lower in fat, sugar and salt, and avoid super-sized choices. If all the portions are large, ask to take the extra food home in a container. Or choose a healthy appetizer instead of a main course.

Aim for choices with grilled, broiled or baked meat or fish rather than fried, and avoid creamy or cheesy sauces and butter. And don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments to make a meal healthier. For example, most restaurants will be happy to replace French fries with extra vegetables, or to bring sauces or salad dressings on the side.

Got tips or ideas that have worked for you when dining out? Trade them with other members in the community forums section of the site. Happy dining!

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