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Nutrition Planning

nutrition planning

Nutrition planning is not only a healthy pursuit but it can also be be fun. Finding healthy foods is particularly important for people with diabetes, but the foods you should have in your diet are also foods that the whole family can enjoy.

So get the whole family involved in shopping for the food that is nutritious and delicious!

This section is dedicated to helping you set healthy eating goals and providing ideas on how to plan nutritious meals that are good for you and the whole family.

Setting goals - for healthy eating doesn’t have to happen all at once. In fact, if you set and achieve a goal each day – or each week – you’ll have something to celebrate! Read more

On the go – while it takes a bit of time to prepare healthy foods to pack and go, the flavours and nutritional rewards are worth it! Read more

Tips and tricks to planning - Whether you’re planning a simple meal or an elegant four-course dinner, there are some tricks you can learn to ensure that you prepare healthy meals your family will love. Read more

Savvy grocery shopping - stock your pantry with a variety of healthy foods, so it is easier to plan healthy meals. Read more

Nutrition Planning Articles

High-fibre menu plan

Incorporating fibre into your meal plan is a good idea, as it can help regulate your blood sugar levels and make you feel fuller longer after a meal. It can also lower your risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions. Read on to learn about healthy meal choices you can make with a weekly high-fibre menu plan.

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Healthy food in heart and water diet concept

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