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Other Monitoring Tests

eye test for diabetes

Good diabetes care requires regular check-ups with members of your diabetes health care team, including your family doctor, nurse practitioner, dietitian and other specialists.  The list of other monitoring tests is extensive but necessary if you are to maintain good health and avoid long-term complications.

In this section you'll find articles that explain the different kinds of tests;  like A1C, eye exams, blood pressure tests, cholesterol tests and others, and why they are important.

Articles about other Monitoring Tests

A healthy smile can help protect your heart! Diabetes and oral care.

Healthy smile

The link between diabetes and dental problems runs in both directions: if you have high blood sugar levels, you are more likely to have dental problems; if you have a dental infection, it can be a hidden cause of high blood sugar levels. Diabetes and oral care is an important part of your diabetes management plan. There are lots of ...

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