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Try using sugar substitutes

sugar substitutes

Many people think that people with diabetes can never eat sugar, which is a myth. Sugar and sweet foods can be included in a carefully managed eating plan over the course of a day. However, because they are carbs and may be high in calories, these foods do need to be tightly controlled.

To help you with sweet cravings, you may want to try using sugar substitutes. These do not contain calories and have no impact on blood glucose levels. A number of brands are available in Canada, which have all undergone rigorous safety testing. They all taste much sweeter than sugar, so very little is needed.

The sugar substitute brands in Canada include:

Hermesetas™ (saccharin)

  • 300 times sweeter than sugar

NutraSweet™ (aspartame)

  • found as an ingredient in cereals etc.

Equal™ (aspartame)

  • 200 times sweeter than sugar.


  • used in Sugar Twin™ and Weight Watchers™
  • 30 times sweeter than sugar
  • heat stable, so can be used in cooking

Splenda™ (sucralose)

  • 400 to 800 times sweeter than sugar
  • heat stable, so can be used in cooking

Sunnett™ (acesuflame potassium)

  • found as an ingredient
  • 200 times sweeter than sugar.

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