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OneTouch® Ultra® 2 Meter

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to turn on meal flags, when ready
  • Mark results as before or after a meal
  • On-screen before and after meal average

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OneTouch® UltraMini® Meter

  • Small & Portable
    • Just the right size to fit in your pocket or purse
  • Fast & Easy
    • Accurate results in just 5 seconds
  • Large, easy to read display

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Accu-Chek® Aviva

Features and Benefits

Easy, accurate, and trusted
  • Ready-to-use meter with proven accuracy
  • Quick and comfortable lancing device
  • Easy-to-test strips
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Abbott® FreeStyle Lite®

Feature and Benefits

  • Quick and discreet testing
  • Compact size that’s easy to carry
  • Backlit screen and test strip port for easy testing, day or night
  • Fast – only 4 seconds to get results (average)
  • Canada’s smallest sample size *
  • No Coding
  • Compatible with FreeStyle Lite test strips with ZipWikTM tabs
*Among leading brands as of 21 September 2010.

Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect

Accu-Chek Aviva Connect

Better connected. Better decisions.

Product features

  • Automatically transfers test results to your smartphone.
  • Auto-generates text messages.
  • Add meal photos to your results.

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FreeStyle Libre®


Accu-Chek® Mobile – for Insulin Users

Features and Benefits

Strip-Free testing matters
  • No strip handling
  • 50 tests on 1 cassette
  • Less steps to test

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Abbott® FreeStyle InsuLinx™

  • Mealtime insulin calculator* gives individualized insulin dose suggestions
  • Automated logbook shows logged insulin dose and glucose reading
  • Touch screen meter designed for ease of use
  • Meter reminders and alarm remind when to test, when to take insulin and other alarms
  • Weekly messages help identify patterns in blood glucose results
  • Compatible with FreeStyle Lite® test strips with ZipWik™ tabs
*The setup of the rapid-acting insulin calculator requires an access code only available to health care professionals. Abbott Diabetes Care provides the code to health care professionals only. The Freestyle InsuLinx calculator feature is only for use to calculate rapid-acting insulin dosing. It is NOT for use to calculate long-acting (background) insulin dosing. This feature requires an understanding of the use of insulin and patients need advice from a health care professional before use. The information provided is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice.