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Diabetes Overview

Diabetes overview

The Diabetes Overview section provides basic information about the types of diabetes, as well as conditions or risk factors that may lead to diabetes. Maybe you have been newly diagnosed and are looking for a starting point for information.  Or perhaps you are looking for resources because you are caring for someone with diabetes. We’re delighted you have started your journey of discovery with us!

Life is a journey, and so is diabetes.  You may start out wondering if you are at risk, because you are concerned that another family member has been diagnosed, or your doctor has identified some risk factors. Read more about risk of diabetes, here.

Or maybe you or your child have some symptoms that make you believe that you might have developed diabetes. This is where you can find out about symptoms of diabetes.

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, more than 5.7 million people have prediabetes.  To gain a better understanding of what this term means and how diabetes is a progressive disease, read the section about about prediabetes.

There is more than one type of diabetes, so it is important to know the name of the type of diabetes that you or your family member have been diagnosed with.  It will usually be one of the following three types:

After you check out these introductory pages about the type of diabetes, you can gain a deeper understanding by exploring the many articles and blog posts in the Diabetes Care Community.