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Animas® Vibe® insulin pump with integrated Dexcom G4® PLATINUM CGM technology

Features and Benefits

The Animas® Vibe® insulin pump with integrated Dexcom G4® PLATINUM CGM technology gives you instant insight to help you quickly and easily adjust insulin based on your body’s immediate needs.
  • An accurate sensor you can trust. Providing you with the exceptional accuracy and consistency you deserve from a reliable sensor.
  • Longest sensor wear. Animas® Vibe® is the only CGM-enabled pump that works with a sensor approved for up to 7 days of wear.
  • The smallest CGM introducer needle on the market1, in comparison to Medtronic Enlite®.
  • CGM trends in full colour with colour-coded lines and trend arrows to show where glucose is heading and how fast2.
  • CGM Data and CGM Trend screens. During an active CGM session, you may view 1-, 3-, 6-, 12-, and 24-hour increments of continuous glucose data on the CGM trend screens, or a snapshot of your current glucose status on the CGM data screen†.
  • Customizable alerts You can’t always feel symptoms when you’re going high or going low, but our customizable high and low alerts let you know. We also have a built-in, non-adjustable hypo safety alert set at 3.1 mmol/L for added peace of mind.
  • Simplified calibration rules3 Calibrate when it’s convenient, as long as your glucose reading is between 2.2 and 22.2 mmol/L.
  • diasend® web-based diabetes management software that allows you to store, review, and print insulin pump and CGM data on the diasend® website.
† You can also view your Insulin on Board (IOB) right on the CGM Data Screen.
1 Measured as the cross-sectional area of the introducer needle.
2 You must confirm your glucose reading with a fingerstick test before taking action
3 A minimum of 2 calibrations are needed each day, at least every 12 hours, and you must confirm your glucose reading with a fingerstick test before taking action.
Animas® Vibe® website

OneTouch® Ping® insulin pump and meter-remote

Features and Benefits

The OneTouch® Ping® insulin pump combines world class Animas pump technology with the convenience of a wireless meter-remote.
  • Wireless bolus delivery Because the insulin pump and meter-remote communicate and share information wirelessly, the meter-remote can control pump functions. This means you can give yourself (or your child) an insulin dose discreetly, while the pump stays conveniently tucked away.
  • Fully functional pump Both the pump and meter-remote have a full set of functions for insulin delivery, so if the meter-remote is not available, the pump is still fully operational.
  • Tested and proven waterproof1 at 3.6 metres (12 feet) for up to 24 hours. No need to disconnect your pump and interrupt insulin delivery when in contact with water.
  • Fine-tuned insulin delivery Inside every Animas® pump is a Swiss-made motor that can deliver accurate and precise increments of insulin to help meet your body’s changing needs.
  • Stunning OLED† colour display Both the insulin pump and meter-remote have flat panel OLED† colour screens. Each screen is self-illuminating, high contrast and viewable from a wide angle – readable even in the middle of the night.
  • diasend® web-based diabetes management software that allows you to store, review, and print insulin pump and blood glucose meter data on the diasend® website.
  • Best in class patient support2 We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
† Organic Light-Emitting Diode. 1 The meter-remote must not be exposed to water.
OneTouch® Ping® website

MiniMed® Paradigm® Veo™ Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Features and Benefits

  • Insulin pump integrated with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). A CGM Starter Kit is included with every new MiniMed® Veo™ Insulin Pump*.
  • Predictive Alerts prompts you to take action if your glucose is trending out of your target zone
  • Low Glucose Suspend helps prevent hypoglycemia by stopping insulin flow automatically if you reach a preset glucose level. LGS has been clinically proven to help reduce lows1.
  • Missed Meal Bolus Reminder Helps prevent post-meal highs
  • Reservoir two sizes for different insulin needs
  • Stores all information even when you change the battery to help ensure accurate bolus calculation
  • Web-based Software Easy to access and share with your healthcare team
  • Education and Support:24/7 Product Support, myLearning online interactive and animated learning modules
* Starting September 4, 2013. Please contact Medtronic of Canada for more details at 1.866.444.4649.  

OneTouch® Ping®

Features and Benefits

  • A two-part glucose management system that features an insulin pump and meter-remote.
  • Meter-remote does more than test your blood sugar – it can help count carbs and calculate your insulin dose, then wirelessly tell the pump to deliver it.
This pump* is waterproof!

OmniPod® Insulin Management System

THE POD A small, lightweight and discreet Pod you'll hardly know is there
  • Now 34% smaller, 25% lighter, 16% slimmer
  • Holds up to 200 units of insulin
  • Adheres securely to your body, waterproof*
  • Inserts automatically at the push of a button
THE PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) A wireless PDM that helps put you in control.
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