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BD Ultra-Fine™ Nano 4mm Pen Needles with PentaPoint™Comfort and EasyFlow™ Technology

Features and Benefits

BD Nano™  4mm Pen Needles support optimal injection technique for a better injection experience.
  • Shortest, finest pen needle ever - preferred over longer needles for overall injection comfort.1
  • Easy to use and offers injection site flexibility - no skin lift required.2
  • Greater comfort that patients prefer.
  • Fits all diabetes pen devices in Canada.3
  1. Compared with 5mm and 8mm pen needles
  2. Small children and extremely lean people with diabetes may require a skin lift
  3. BD, Data on file

HumaPen® Memoir™

montméd Coloured Pen Needles

montKiddy Pen Needles

UltiCare® Pen Needles

NovoPen Echo ®

Features and Benefits

  • Developed with the needs of kids in mind
  • Half-unit increments to allow fine-tuning
  • Simple memory function
  • Styled for kids – two colours, blue and red

OneTouch® Ping® insulin pump and meter-remote

Features and Benefits

The OneTouch® Ping® insulin pump combines world class Animas pump technology with the convenience of a wireless meter-remote.
  • Wireless bolus delivery Because the insulin pump and meter-remote communicate and share information wirelessly, the meter-remote can control pump functions. This means you can give yourself (or your child) an insulin dose discreetly, while the pump stays conveniently tucked away.
  • Fully functional pump Both the pump and meter-remote have a full set of functions for insulin delivery, so if the meter-remote is not available, the pump is still fully operational.
  • Tested and proven waterproof1 at 3.6 metres (12 feet) for up to 24 hours. No need to disconnect your pump and interrupt insulin delivery when in contact with water.
  • Fine-tuned insulin delivery Inside every Animas® pump is a Swiss-made motor that can deliver accurate and precise increments of insulin to help meet your body’s changing needs.
  • Stunning OLED† colour display Both the insulin pump and meter-remote have flat panel OLED† colour screens. Each screen is self-illuminating, high contrast and viewable from a wide angle – readable even in the middle of the night.
  • diasend® web-based diabetes management software that allows you to store, review, and print insulin pump and blood glucose meter data on the diasend® website.
  • Best in class patient support2 We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
† Organic Light-Emitting Diode. 1 The meter-remote must not be exposed to water.
OneTouch® Ping® website

HumaPen® Luxura™


Unifine Pen Needles

Unifine Pen Needles

OneTouch® Ping®

Features and Benefits

  • A two-part glucose management system that features an insulin pump and meter-remote.
  • Meter-remote does more than test your blood sugar – it can help count carbs and calculate your insulin dose, then wirelessly tell the pump to deliver it.
This pump* is waterproof!

NovoPen® 4

Features and Benefits

  • More than 300,000 Canadians rely on NovoPen® 4 every day
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Reassuring end-of-dose “click“
  • Built to last – continued accurate insulin delivery – even after 5 years
  • #1 most recommended brand of insulin pen in Canada by both physicians and pharmacists

NovoTwist® pen needle

Features and Benefits

  • Simple "twist" needle attachment and detachment makes injection even easier
  • NovoTwist® 5 mm (32G Tip) is Novo Nordisk’s shortest and thinnest needle
  • Compared to conventional screw type needles, NovoTwist® is preferred by more than 3 out of 4 users
  • Audible and tactile click ensures correct attachment
  • Can only be used with Novo Nordisk pens so anyone using Vi

BD™ Home Sharps Container

BD™Home Sharps Container

BD™ Safety-Engineered Syringes

NovoFine® 32G Tip etw pen needle

Features and Benefits

  • Extra Thin Wall (ETW) Technology
  • 32G Tip is Novo Nordisk’s thinnest needle
  • A 6 mm needle provides a safe and effective insulin injection for most people
  • Micro-polished and silicone coated
  • For those who prefer a longer needle, NovoFine® 8 mm (30G) is also available