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6 things you should know about travelling with diabetes

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People living with diabetes might be worried about travelling, and what that may mean for the management of their condition. The key to taking the worry out of travelling with diabetes is to plan ahead.


  1. Check in with your healthcare team to ensure you get vaccinations you may need, get a list of all your medications, and discuss what to do if hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia should occur while you are travelling.

If you take medication to manage your diabetes and will be travelling across time zones, have your healthcare team help you figure out your medication schedule.

  1. Make a packing list, so you won’t forget any important items, such as your healthcare team’s contact information, and extra diabetes medications and supplies.

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To ensure that you remain healthy when travelling with diabetes, it’s important to do the following;

  1. Monitor your blood sugar regularly, as travel – especially long distances, through a number of time zones – can affect your blood sugar levels.
  2. If you’re travelling by airplane or car, take as many opportunities as possible to move around. When flying, walk around the airport before boarding and do stretching exercises in your seat, including moving your ankles around in circles. If you’re driving, take frequent stops to walk around and stretch.
  1. If you take insulin or other injectable medications to manage your diabetes, it’s a good idea to bring extra supplies. If you are travelling to an area that is either extremely hot or very cold, store your insulin or medication in an insulated bag; do not allow it to freeze or to become overheated. (No medication – whether oral or injectable – should be exposed to extreme heat or cold, but this is an especially important consideration for injectable drugs).
  1. Be sure to carry your diabetes medications with you on the plane instead of putting them in your checked bags. In the event of a delay or lost luggage, you’ll always have them with you!

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Travel with diabetes may require some additional planning, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a wonderful trip! Watch for more information on travelling across time zones, travelling in high altitudes and specific management for travelling with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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