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Smoking Cessation Resources

The following areas will provide you with comprehensive resources to support you in helping your patients quit smoking.

Smoking cessation support (articles)

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  • 30 Seconds to Save a Life
    Learn about a proven method to help your patients quit smoking.
  • e-Cigarettes
    Learn about the pros and cons regarding the use of e-cigarettes.
  • Diabetes and Smoking
    Learn about the association between type 2 diabetes and smoking.
  • NRT Induces Quit Attempt in Undecided Smokers
    Read about the latest information in terms of supporting your patients in their journey to quit and the new role that NRT can play.
  • Help Smokers Quit for Good
  • Role of HCP in Smoking Cessation
    Read this article to learn about counselling tips for smoking cessation.
  • NRT 101

HCP Resources for Patients

  • Cost comparison - cigarettes vs NRT

A comparative chart demonstrating the costs of cigarettes vs various forms of NRT.

  • Smoking and heart disease

A patient brochure about the association of smoking and heart disease.

  • Smoking and diabetes

A patient brochure about the impact of smoking on diabetes complications.

  • Quit Your Own Way Booklet

A patient resource to help them with their journey of smoking cessation.

  • Customize Your Quit Booklet

A patient resource highlighting the various formats available of NRT.

There is a number of smoking cessation resources available for your practice. You may find them here...

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