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    Gabor Vadnay

    I am a type 2 since 2005. I take meds including metformin, glyburide, onglyza, atorvastasin and baby aspirin. These meds are keeping my glucose levels in check but I still have diabetes after 13 years of treatment of these symptoms. I believe that diabetes is a disease caused by nutritional imbalance and a way to reverse it and get off your medications is by changing nutritional habits. I have recently tried time restricted eating. I eat all my meals within an 8 hour window (8am till 4 pm). Within 1 week I have lowered my fasting glucose levels from 7.2 to 6.0. I have not changed what I eat, just when. I am hoping to stop taking my meds if I can bring down my glucose levels some more and over a period of a few months with this method. Any comments?


    While dietary change and weight loss can definitely improve your blood sugar, it isn’t just the fasting sugar that needs to be considered. It’s important to know what is happening with your blood sugar the rest of the day, as well as your A1C level.

    Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition that gets more difficult to manage over time and often requires more medication as time goes on. The best thing for you to do is to discuss all of this with your doctor and/or other members of your diabetes healthcare team who will review all of this information.

    Best of luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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