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    Gabor Vadnay

    I am a type 2 since 2005. I take meds including metformin, glyburide, onglyza, atorvastasin and baby aspirin. These meds are keeping my glucose levels in check but I still have diabetes after 13 years of treatment of these symptoms. I believe that diabetes is a disease caused by nutritional imbalance and a way to reverse it and get off your medications is by changing nutritional habits. I have recently tried time restricted eating. I eat all my meals within an 8 hour window (8am till 4 pm). Within 1 week I have lowered my fasting glucose levels from 7.2 to 6.0. I have not changed what I eat, just when. I am hoping to stop taking my meds if I can bring down my glucose levels some more and over a period of a few months with this method. Any comments?

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