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    Mark Penlington

    Good Evening:

    New to the website and forum and thought I would post this to see if there are any ideas before meeting with my Doctor. Over the past several days, my sugar levels are spiking after breakfast and not coming back down…the only good news is that following lunch or dinner, they don’t increase any higher, but seem to stay about the same level. for instance, morning fasting levels are 5.9 to 7.2, but after breakfast (and it doesn’t seem to matter whether it be cereal, fruit etc), levels spike to 12.2 to 15.5

    This is starting to cause diabetic neuropathy in my feet which is beginning to drive me nuts with the burning sensation.

    I’m on Metformin twice a day, as well as 28 units of insulin taken at night. Not sure if maybe I should be changing the time of day taking the metformin, or maybe taking the insulin in half the dose, twice a day would help keep the numbers down. Do exercise at night which along with the insulin will bring the numbers back down to morning levels, but it’s aggravating that the midday numbers are not within levels and I can’t exercise after I eat something as work gets in the way (lol).

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.




    Thanks for joining our forum! Although we love when our followers interact with us online, it is hard to give specific advice. We can see that you are involved and knowledgeable about your treatment and blood sugar levels which really helps your healthcare provider give you the best care possible. Maybe meeting with a dietitian to review your diet may be of benefit? It could even be something you are eating around dinner or bedtime possibly contributing to these highs? If no changes are required then a mealtime insulin might be an option to keep your post meal sugar levels at target. We suggest that you discuss this with your doctor, which you mentioned is the plan!

    Wishing you the best of luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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