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    Vinny Do

    Hi Everybody here.

    I am a new guy here. Please help me to give me advice.

    I tested my blood in the morning after overnight sleeping sugar level is 6.2, 5.9, 6.5 after 2months tested consecutively. However my sugar after 2 hours of eating they are all way 9.9…10.3. 10.5 and 8.8.
    I dont know why I have a symtoms have to eat every 2hours because if my blood sugar go down to 5.6 I Feel shaking… sweeting and hungry heart palpitation… confusing. …. Please give me what I have to to. My A1C JUST TEST IS 6.4 AND 6.5

    Hong Yong Wu

    Analyze the food structure of your breakfast and find out why the blood sugar rises after the meal. My experience When the proportion of starch in the food is high, the blood sugar will rise very high after the meal. When I put an end to this kind of food, the blood sugar becomes easy to control. I have stopped all types of hypoglycemic drugs. The diet is completely isolated from starchy foods. Even the favorite dumplings, combined with an hour of walking after the meal, have an effect after stopping the drug. My fasting blood sugar for five months. Keep at 5.0-6.0, 6.0-8.0 after meal. Everyone’s situation will be different, find out why they are, and develop a control plan.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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