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    My husband has been diagnosed with T2 diabetes and completely refuses any treatment what so ever. He has already had a series of mini strokes, and subsequently had to have his carotid artery cleaned out. He is now down the same path again.
    Not only does he not take any medication, but his diet is of a kid in a candy store. He will eat whatever he wants, no matter how sick he is getting. He is in constant pain, has dizzy spells with exercise, and constantly fluctuating moods.
    He has informed me today that he is just going to keep going like this until he dies. No more Dr’s.
    For me it is painful and confusing to live lime this. Like there is a ticking time bomb in my home. Am I going to wake up to find him dead, in a coma, or debilitated by a serious stroke or heart attack?
    Any advice on how to deal with a family member like this?

    Any advice is appreciated,


    Hi Julie,

    Here are some thoughts from our social worker:

    Your husband seems to be grieving over his health concerns, which is understandable, since accepting living with diabetes is very hard. This situation is very difficult for a partner, to see their spouse not wanting to take care of himself. Unfortunately a caregiver cannot force her partner to obtain treatment. She may need to:
    1.Obtain support for yourself from the diabetes team (speak with a dietitian to learn to prepare healthy food choices, get emotional support from the team, possibly from the social worker or psychotherapist)
    2. If these services are not available from the diabetes team please talk to your family doctor to be referred to supportive resources, such as support for caregivers or a therapist that understands the struggles of a chronic disease such as diabetes.
    3. Try to be supportive and understanding to your partner. Caring for diabetes is very difficult and accepting living with diabetes is a struggle.
    4 Make sure you take care of yourself by going for a walk and trying to put the responsibility of your partner’s care back to your partner.

    We hope these suggestions will help provide some guidance for this tough situation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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