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    Hong Yong Wu

    My name is Wu Hongyong. Just joined the Canadian diabetes prevention community, nearly 20 years of history has been discovered since the discovery of hyperglycemia. If you calculate the incubation period, it may take longer, because I accidentally found high blood sugar when I bought a blood glucose meter for my friend. The blood sugar level was 19.6 at that time, and then I went to the hospital to check the fasting 10.5. Because there is no symptom, I have not Careful, just opened some metformin tablets, taking it irregularly. When I was working in Nigeria in 2001, I started taking medicine on time, but there was less monitoring. In October 2005, due to a traffic accident, the right leg calf comminuted fracture, due to vascular rupture, need to do a reduction surgery to switch to insulin to control blood sugar, blood sugar once reached 20. The open leg of the right leg is nearly 40 cm, but in my wife’s careful care Next, there was no wound infection, the wound healed completely within 20 days, the fracture was healed and discharged within 45 days, and the practice began to resume after 3 months. After that, he changed back to metformin to control blood sugar. I came to Canada in 2007 and began to use metformin tablets starting with the family doctor system. In 2015, I started taking gliclazide and dapagliflozin. Metformin was measured at 500 mg per day. In 2016, left eye fundus hemorrhage was surgically treated. Renal dysfunction was found at the end of 2016, and repaglinide and linagliptin were used to control blood glucose. In the second half of 2018, renal function was rapidly attenuated. By 2019, he entered the fifth stage of nephropathy, and he is now preparing for hemodialysis.
    After the discovery of renal failure in March 2019, hypoglycemic agents were discontinued because of the symptoms of hypoglycemia on the morning of March 13. In these few months, I used diet control, combined with physical exercise, fasting blood sugar is basically between 5.0 and 6.0. Postprandial blood glucose is also within control. Avoid high glucose flour on the diet, stop eating dumplings, I found that if you eat dumplings, even a small amount, postprandial blood sugar will be above 10. At present, my blood pressure control is also very good, basically all of the time below 135/80. From this experience, I found several problems. The first is the initial diagnosis. It may be caused by high blood sugar caused by food structure at first. For example, the proportion of gluten food is too high, the blood sugar accumulates too fast, and the quantity changes to qualitative change, causing a series of Syndrome, coupled with drug interactions, aggravated the condition. It is thought that the proportion of gluten-free food in the world population should not be very low. People like me who are sensitive to gluten must also have a considerable proportion. If they do not do special inspections, they will not find it. Once they are discovered, they will not think about entering medical treatment. The strange circle is actually only the treatment of the table, the blood sugar is controlled, but the lack of systematic monitoring, the hidden accumulation of blood sugar has not been really suppressed, and the syndrome is beyond control. The second is the need to systematize the classification and diagnosis of diabetes. The third is that the census of diabetes should be popularized, collecting different ethnic groups, different diets, and lifestyle. The fourth is to establish a complete disease prevention system (not just diabetes) because the root cause of many diseases is caused by high blood sugar. The fifth should be more scientific in terms of treatment. Due to the limitations of many doctors, it can only be a headache to treat headache, and footache to treat footache , and a considerable part may be misdiagnosed. Now I only take 3 kinds of drugs, two kinds of antihypertensive drugs (diuretics and calcium channel blockers) plus Synthroid. I started to stop diuretics last week and my condition is getting better.
    The above is my diabetes treatment experience as a patient. I hope that all patients and relevant professionals will give valuable advice for sharing.

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