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    I have Type 2 Diabetes, I am looking for a support group emotionally. I have been turned down by my local Diabetes Center for controlling my Diabetes, I have neropathy in my arm and my feet. I don’t have a support group at home and all family members don’t believe when the doctor diagnosed me as Type 2 Diabetes 2 years ago. I have had the problem with my arm for 5 years. Emotionally I am drained but somehow I still have a desire to reverse my Diabetes. I guess I am looking for someone to listen to what I have to say. My doctor has not taken a blood sugar test from me in a year. I know this is wrong. I have been through 15 different doctors in 5 years to receive a diagnosis for my arm. I’m lost with words.


    Hello tapanga
    I read your quote and wished to respond. I am a social worker, who works in the diabetic field. From your quote it sounds as if you are very alone with your diabetes, which is a very difficult situation to be in when you live with diabetes. No one seems to be listening and understanding your situation.
    Two areas that may assist you are: the Canadian Diabetes Association, which would have a list of support groups in your area; and to obtain a referral to an endocrinologist, who specializes in Diabetes.
    I hope these suggestions help. MT


    Hello my name is Dan, I am trying to care for my long term partner, her name is Kyle.
    She has type 2 Diabetes, this is only one of her problems. In 2003 she had an infection on her leg called Necrotizing Fasciitis, this almost cost her her leg. A few years later her liver became infected. She does not have much of a liver left. She went to Phoenix to be tested for a possible transplant. During this checkup they found a spot on the left lung. Positive for lung cancer.
    They started treatment with radiation and chemo at the same time. Every chemo treatment put her in the hospital (three treatments, three hospital trips). The chemo finished off her pancreas. Last hospital trip her ammonia level was twice what it should have been and the BG was six hundred. She had no idea who she was or who I was, they told me that was the ammonia. They would make no comment as to why the blood sugar was so high. Just sent her home with Januvia pills. There were more trips to the hospital because I had no way to keep her BG level down (when it got to four hundred I called 911). I knew nothing about diabetes. We had an appointment with a diabetic counselor, but it was a month off. After the third hospital trip for BG levels they gave me insulin. It was Humalog. Now I have Humalog and Lantus. I have been trying to get her to pay attention to the carbs. in the food she eats. She seems to be insulin resistant. Sugar gets into her system very fast, insulin is slow (even the Humalog). I want her to add the sugars and carbs. and figure the insulin need and inject it before the meal.
    I have been reading about diabetes, I can’t get her interested. I would like her to start an exercise routine – she has become very weak. I think the radiation had a lot to do with that (thirty three radiation treatments). She spends almost all of her time out of bed in front of the television.
    I don’t know what to do to help her with her attitude. If I was in the same boat I have no idea how I would handle the mess. I love her very much, I know I can do more. I get frustrated, I worry about her constantly. She is a grown woman, I can’t tell her what to do. I can’t tell her to turn off the tube and read about her disease.
    Lately she started retaining water, her bad leg swells to almost twice the normal size, her stomach lining is full of water. The doctors know this, they give her diuretics. So far not much change. Just something else to make her uncomfortable.
    Just one thing after another. It seems the doctors are too busy to pay attention. Perhaps they have written her off — I don’t know.
    I had to stop my business as I can’t leave her alone. I am trying to work something out on the internet but it is slow going (building a web site).
    Just need to talk to someone. Thanks for listening. DanT


    Hi Dan,

    I’m really sorry to hear about your partner’s situation. How is her liver now?. Based on what you said, I’m assuming that after the chemo, her body doesn’t produce insulin at all?!, so, now, it’s more like how you should care for Type 1 diabetes. I see that she is not interested in reading more about diabetes, well, that is very natural, given that most of the diabetics are in denial or it’s just that they feel, if they read more about diabetes, it makes them worry more and probably cause more depression. It happens mostly because they start believing that there is nothing else out there that can cure them and bring them back to that normal state they were once in, so then what’s the point of reading about diabetes and joining support groups. With diabetes, it’s very hard,more physically than mentally but , diabetes affects even at the emotional level. I think, once they start seeing the benefits of exercises and diet, they would start believing in them more and might get them interested in knowing more about diabetes. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! THAT’S VERY CRUCIAL IN CARING FOR YOUR/SOMEONE’S HEALTH. My family has a huge diabetes history, so I am talking from personal experience. I am a volunteer with the Canadian Diabetes Association and they offer a lot of services, diabetes seminars and events to educate about diabetes. I would greatly recommend you to visit their website at http://www.diabetes.ca/ or Phone: 1-800 BANTING (226-8464)
    Email: @diabetes.ca">info@diabetes.ca. Also, ONE BIG ADVISE, FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TO TAKE YOUR PARTNER FOR YOGA CLASSES: ESPECIALLY PRANAYAMS ( breathing techniques). They have the best healing ability for both diabetes & cancers compared to medications/chemo. Since your partner went through chemo etc, it would be better to find a certified yoga teacher who can work with her personally. Please try it, and if you cannot find a good teacher, let me know, I can refer you to my teacher. If you want to know more about yoga & diabetes, try to find a DVD on YOGA FOR DIABETES (most are from Indian stores). Also, please go for diabetes education and see a certified diabetes nurse regularly. Hope you find this helpful.

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