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    Mabel Henry

    My daughter who is 14 years old is diabetic for more than a year and she is experiencing excessive thirst, vomiting, bleeding gums and excessive urination all the time. Nowadays she is also complaining about bleeding gums. Her gum bleeds while flossing and eating something and one of her teeth is abscessed so we are planning to get help from an emergency dental service in Toronto ( http://www.emergency-dental-365.com/procedures/emergency-tooth-extraction/ ). One of my friends told me that bleeding gums will occur when blood sugar level increase. Is it so? And I read that diabetes will affect our immunity and might be chances of gum diseases. I’m confused. What is the connection between bleeding gums and diabetes? Is anyone here experiencing bleeding gums due to diabetes? Or became diabetic due to gum diseases? Kindly share your thoughts and experiences. Thank you in advance.


    Thank you for your post regarding bleeding gums and diabetes. Below is an expert blog from our site about oral care and diabetes. Hope you find this helpful.

    A healthy smile can help protect your heart! Diabetes and oral care.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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